Katoomba High School 1967 & 1968

Events & news of the senior graduating class of 1967

Next event: Get-together at Commodore Hotel 30 November 2024



This website started as a focus for the Katoomba High School reunion in 2007. It has subsequently evolved to also include those who left or moved before the final year of 1967.

In each year there is an informal get-together held at the Commodore Hotel in North Sydney on the last Saturday in November for anyone who wants to turn up for lunch & drinks. We are pleased to catch up with anyone from those years. No pressure.

The 55th reunion was held at the Grandview Hotel on Saturday 19 November for lunch, and Sunday 20 November 2022 at Carol & Phill's house in Leura for an extended breakfast. Photos from those events


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  • Annual get-together at the Commodore Hotel, North Sydney, Saturday 30 November 2024



55th reunion at Wentworth Falls


55th reunion at Wentworth Falls


55th reunion at Wentworth Falls


2021 get-together in Sydney & zooms from interstate


2020 get-together in Sydney


2019 get-together in Sydney


50th Anniversary