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This is a website for the Katoomba High School senior graduating classes of 1967 & 1968 and for others who were nearly there. It was set up in 2006 in response to the idea of a 40th reunion in 2007

This website is a focus on the 40-plus years before the reunion in 2007 and a focus on the future years to come.

There was an 18th reunion held in 1985, a 40th in November 2007, a 45th in September 2012, and a 50th in November 2017. All these reunions were held in Katoomba.
Following on from the 40th reunion there have also been a number of annual mini-reunions and informal get-togethers held in Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne.

We've held the yearly get-togethers at the Commodore Hotel in North Sydney from 2008.

We are always looking for KHS 1967 & 1968 names & contact details, school photos, personal profiles and personal photos.
Has your email address changed? Please drop us a line at paul@khs1967.com 



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