Katoomba High School 1967 & 1968




Date: 31/01/07 01:00
Resolution: 1296 x 1264
Girlfriends 1967.jpg
left to right - Janine Hitchens, Chris Dos Remedios, Colleen McCann, Jose Obbens
taken in 1967
Such innocence .....
Photo: Jose

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Resolution: 361 x 251
KHS Before HSC 1968.jpg
Just before the HSC exams in 1968
Photo: Bev Clark

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Resolution: 1024 x 627

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Resolution: 1258 x 1242

After the HSC exams, 1967 - an innocent 'schoolies' night picnic possibly, Jose believes, down in the Megalong Valley

front row left to right: Colleen Chick, Maureen Cardwell, Janine Hitchens, Jose Obbens, Colleen McCann, ? ,Lois Giles (possibly) with head turned

in background:Campbell Thomas, Greg MacKay, Janet Richardson (possibly)
Photo: Jose

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