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This is a website for the Katoomba High School senior graduating classes of 1967 & 1968 and for others who were nearly there. It was set up in 2006 in response to the idea of a 40th reunion in 2007

This website is a focus on the 40-plus years before the reunion in 2007 and a focus on the future years to come.

There was an 18th reunion held in 1985 in Katoomba while a 40th reunion was held in November 2007 and a 45th reunion in September 2012, both again in Katoomba.
Following on from the 40th reunion there have also been a number of annual mini-reunions and informal get-togethers held in Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne.

We've held the yearly get-togethers at the Commodore Hotel in North Sydney in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 and reunions at Katoomba in 2007 and 2012.

The next get-together will be held at the Commodore Hotel at North Sydney on Saturday 28th November 2015

We are always looking for KHS 1967 & 1968 names & contact details, school photos, personal profiles and personal photos.
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1967: Kevin Allen, Ross Birney, Pam Blick, Dave Brown, Narelle Brownjohn, Maureen Cardwell, Stephen Catto, Dave Chapman, Colleen Chick, Urszula Ciastkowska, Jeremy Clark, Marcia Condie, Russell De Groot, Chris dos Remedios, Keith Duncan, Tony Egan, Kerry Fair, Colin Gellatly, Lois Giles, Campbell Gorrie, Damian Grace, Lesley Grimley, Roslyn Harris, Robyn Hatswell, Margaret Henderson, Janine Hitchens, Shane Hodgkinson, John Holloway, Diane Hood, Paul Horne, Ian Inglis, Michael Jensen, Beverley Kirton, Marilyn Lewis, Kathleen MacPherson, Wendy Masters, Colleen McCann, Alistair McDonald, Reg McFarlane, Morag McGregor, Greg McKay, Peter McQueen, Mark Michael, Arthur Mills, Laurie Moran, Ian Morey, Kim Murphy, Don Nicholson, Jose Obbens, K. O'Brien, Pat O'Connell, Ian Parkhill, Richard Parkinson, Manuel Patty, Carol Pereira, Peter Picken, Greg Pullinger, Andrew Richardson, Janet Richardson, Lance Robertson, Pat Rook, Jan Saunders, Russell Skeen, Max Smith, Robert Stroeve, Paul Talbot, Campbell Thomas, Gillian Thompson, Mike Vale, Derek Wagstaff, Georgina West, Evan Williams.   1968:Ian Bailey, Judy Baker, Carolyn Benbow, Robert Bennett, Margaret Bennett, Dawn Bignell, Janet Bowman, Margaret Burrows, Barbara Carter, Barry Clark, Ian Collin, Sharon Connors, Pam Deacon, Anne Donnelly, Hans Drielsma, Geraldine Duncan, Tony Egan, Phillip Emerson, Lionel Etheridge, Kerry Fair, Frank Ficyk, Robyn Fogarty, Ian Fraser, Christine Gabriel, Warren Gee, Lorraine Gillies, Sue Greaves, Nanette Griffin, Beverley Halls, Meg Hart, David Hey-Cunningham, Tom Hodson, Jennifer Holland, Sandra Holt, Jennifer Hood, Michael Jensen, Marguerite Kramer, Gordon Lai, Charles Lark, John Lavis, Ron Lawler, David Lawson, Grahame Lee, Pam Loveday, Sandra McKay, Paul McPhee, Mark Michael, Kim Murphy, Chris Murphy, Ken Newton, Beverley O'Brien, Gillian Parsonage, Manuel Patty, Robyn Simpson, Tony Smith, Jeanette Smith, Robert Stanborough, Gail Stokes, Patrick Timbs, Anne Toohey, Lynette Trow, Jennifer Tymmons, Hilda Ventrillon, Carolyn Walker, Janet Watts, Geoff Williams, Jeanette Wilson, Greg Woodward, Edward Young, Bill Bunting, Glenys Grainger, Beverly Pringle, Cheryl Cook, Ruth Whitelaw, Sandra McDonald.
AND: Jane Churches, Gayle Clarke, James Craib, Alan Dunn, Ron Gardner, Rick Hanna, Glenis Kerkham, Laurie Little, Robert Lockley, Mary Patty, Christine Simpson, Coral Sorenson, Phil Tilt, Gillian Wright
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