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KHS Class of '67 - 50th Reunion!!

A warm welcome to all who were part of the journey to the first HSC

Date - Saturday 25th November, 2017

Start time - 6.00pm for 6.30pm - to enjoy the glorious views in all lights, and give as much time as possible for people to catch up

Where - Scenic World, Violet St & Cliff Drive, Katoomba in the revolving restaurant in what you may remember as the Scenic Railway

Finish time - 11.00 pm at Cliff Drive but we will kick on to some salubrious venue for those who care to continue the fun and can stay awake!

Food and Drinks included: An arrival aperitif, a bottle of red and white wine on each table, a jug of soft drink, a three course dinner and great company

Extra drinks - there is a well-stocked bar (cash or credit card) in the function room

Cost - $85 per head. This also covers associated costs such as printing, decorations etc. Any funds left over will be held for our next reunion or donated to KHS for an item/project nominated by the Principal

Transport - own transport or shared taxis

Dress - whatever you like; smart casual is suggested. Special award to anyone wearing Katoomba High School uniform circa 1962 - 1967

Accommodation - you need to arrange your own. There is a huge range available in Katoomba but book early. The Upper Mountains is much busier than it was 10 years ago. NB - ignore booking sites that show full signs - you need to ring the actual hotel/motel/lodge

Other activities that weekend - Scenic World attractions (Skyway, Scenic railway and Cable way. The Boardwalk is a really nice, easy walk) Discounts for our group; Golf - those interested email David Chapman Chapmanchapmand2@optusnet.com.au ; possibly a bushwalk - those interested email Carol Isaacs carofe@bigpond.net.au ; possibly a Segway lesson and tour - those interested email Lance Robertson lancer.40@lexicon.net

RSVP - Sat 14th October with full payment at the time of booking please.Partners - optional but very welcome!

Bookings - EFT preferred; bank account for direct deposit is with the NAB; Account name KHS Reunion, BSB 082443, A/c number 832370506. Email colingellatly@hotmail.com with your transaction number. Any cheques to Col Gellatly PO Box 56 Hunters Hill NSW 2110; (Col is going to keep a record of who has paid etc)

Phone enquiries - Carol Isaacs (Pereira) on 02 4784 1882; Janine Mahoney (Hitchens) on 0417499484, Paul Horne on 0448 652 050, or David Brown on 0405 804 759

KHS 50th Reunion 25th/26th November 2017

Dinner on Saturday 25th November will be at Scenic World

The committee: Narelle Anderson (Brownjohn), David Brown, Wendy Bugeja (Masters), Chrissie Burrows (dos Remedios), David Chapman, Urszula Dobrzynski (Ciastkowski), Col Gellatly, Damian Grace, Russell de Groot, Paul Horne, Carol Isaacs (Pereira), Janine Mahoney (Hitchens), Ian Morey, Patrick O'Connell, Lance Robertson, Pat Rook, Georgina West

Website: khs1967.com  ; Facebook page: khs1967 



Blue Mountains Gazette article in September


Milestone for Katoomba



A Reminder

An annoying reminder. But it's good for our planning to know who'll be coming in November, and also good to know who we'll get to meet up with for what I think will be a long time to come.

50 years since we left Katoomba High. And a lot has happened since; perhaps the greatest rate of change in all history, which has nothing to do with the reunion, except we've all lived through it. More than most could say.

At one of the previous reunions we had in Katoomba, during the tour of the school one ex-student said to no one in particular how relieved he was that we all seem to have so much in common, and gave Katoomba High, perhaps too readily, the credit for it.

We do have enough in common for a lot of those who've met up at past reunions to continue to meet up regularly, or at different times and places. I know I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

So if you plan to come and intend to pay, please do both. If you intend to come and will pay, please let us know. If you don't intend to come, also please let us know. We'd be relieved to know you're coming and disappointed to know you're not. But do let us know, as soon as possible.

This year we have as a guest Ms Betty Price. She came to our last reunion, and very happy to come up again from Goulburn for this one. I wouldn't have known it at the time but she is an amazing, and interesting woman. Full of smiles, by the way, in contrast to the sternness, for those who remember being efficiently pilloried by her.

Definites so far who have paid are: Pat OConnell, Ron Gardner, Peter Clark, Col Gellatley, Narelle Anderson (Brownjohn) ,David Brown, David Chapman, Pat de Groot, Wendy Bugeja (Masters), Paul Horne and Carol Isaacs (Pereira). And then there's a selection of partners. Others who are Definites are Bev Clark, Lionel Etheridge, Rob Lockley, Di Murphy, Phillip Young, Kevin Allen, Kathy Breeze, Tasso Tricos, Margaret Stevenson.

PH, for KHS Committee




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